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CW61160 heavy duty lathe manufacturer |CW61160 lathe

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CW61160 lathe
CW61160 heavy duty lathe manufacturer |CW61160 lathe for planing long narrow plane (such as machine tool guideway, long grooves) or multi parts processing, CW61160 heavy-duty lathe manufacturer |CW61160 lathe can give full play to the advantages of linear motion, high production efficiency. Planing applicability, good versatility, CW61160 heavy-duty lathe manufacturer |CW61160 lathe can various plane planing plate, a bracket and a box body, a base, CW6280车床,30车床,and other parts of the body, such as groove. Such as the use of some accessories can also planing rack, spline, forming surface precision and surface planing economy economic roughness, size accuracy of finishing IT8-IT7 could achieve higher, straightness 0.04 - CW61160 heavy lathe manufacturer |CW61160 lathe high 0 12mm/m and smaller surface roughness Ra3.2-1.6um. Precision requirements for a higher plane can be used with a wide blade precision planing, CW61160 heavy lathe manufacturer |CW61160 lathe surface roughness 8--0. 4um Ra0., straightness is not greater than 0.02mm/m. The machining precision is IT8-IT7, and the straight line is up to 0.08-0.12mm/m. The principle of plane pull and the same internal hole. CW61160 heavy duty lathe manufacturer |CW61160 lathe should be a proper angle of the knife seat. The plane inclined plane has two methods: one is inclined workpiece clamping, oblique plane of the machined workpiece in a horizontal position, lathe, planer machining method for plane milling machines and other machine tools; two is the cutter turntable rotation angle of attack, shaking the cutter rest handle slide (tool) for manual feed inclined plane plane.
Can be customized according to customer requirements:
Specification model   CW61160
The maximum diameter of the rotating bed mm 1600
Maximum length of workpiece mm 3000/5000/
Maximum rotary diameter of the tool carrier mm 1200
CW61160 heavy duty lathe manufacturer |CW61160 lathe Maximum swing diameter in saddle mm  
Saddle length mm  
Spindle hole diameter mm 130
Taper of spindle hole   Metric140
Number of spindle speed.forward direction type 21
Number of spindle speed. reverse direction type 12
Spindle speed range (the following speed by the user to select a type)    
Forward direction r/min 2-200
Reverse direction r/min 2.24-178
Forward direction r/min  
Reverse direction r/min  
Range of feed per revolution of spindle type 56
Longitudinal direction mm 0.1-12
Transverse direction mm 0.05-6
Upper tool carrier mm 0.025-3
Metric thread pitch range   44 kinds of 1-120
CW61160 heavy duty lathe manufacturer |CW61160 lathe Range of Imperial Threads   31 kinds of 24-1/4t.p.i
Modulus thread range mm 45 kinds of 0.5-60
 Diameter pitch thread range of machine tool   38 kinds of 1/2-56DP
Maximum bed saddle stroke mm The maximum length of the workpiece is reduced by 200
The maximum horizontal stroke of the lower tool post mm 960
The maximum stroke of the middle  tool carrier mm 300
the maximum travel of the upper tool carrier mm 200
Fast moving speed of tool carriage  Longitudinal direction mm/min 3740
Fast moving speed of tool carriage  Transverse direction mm/min 1870
Middle tool carrier mm/min 935
Diameter of rear seat sleeve mm 180
Maximum stroke of the tail sleeve mm 300
Taper of tailstock sleeve taper kw Metric80
Main motor power   kw 22
External dimensions of machine tools    
Length mm Maximum length of work piece plus 400
Width mm 2320
Height mm 2600
CW61160 heavy duty lathe manufacturer |CW61160 lathe width of bed mm 1100
Max capacity kg 8000
Machine tool net weight    
1.5m kg  
3m kg 21500
5m kg 23600
6m kg 24500
7m kg 25700
8m kg 27000
9m kg 28200
10m kg 29400
11m kg 31500
12m kg 32700
13m kg 33900
14m kg 35100
15m kg 36300
Quality:The casting of the workpiece is performed by the gb9439-88 standard,Tempering treatment method,The hardness of the guide rail reaches HRC52,High frequency quenching process,The gear is made of hardened steel.after-sale service:Three packages in accordance with national standards,According to the national standard implementation of three packs of standards, repair, replacement or return.Source